Helmet Intercom Bluetooth for 2 Rider Waterproof Wireless Headset


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Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet Intercom headset for 2 Rider intercommunicate Moto Interphone Wireless Stereo Hands Free Call IPX6 Waterproof
Motorcycle earphone; Fluent communication; Two-person intercom
Suitable for a variety of helmet shapes; Easy installation

Wide frequency band clear voice, convenient mobile communication and strong anti-in.
IPX6 protection treatment, No fear of wind and rain invasion, durable.

The connection distance between the two devices is 1000M.
For your every precise operation escort; Fewer mistakes, faster.
Physical pressure button design, ensure that wearing gloves while riding blind can also be clearly perceived, accurate operation.
Installation diagram:
1.Tear off the 3M adhesive paper above the fixed base glue

and stick it on the left side of the helmet;

Clip the earphone on the fixed seat.

Please do not remove it arbitrarily after pasting. The maximum viscosity is 24 hours later

2. Glue the Velcro on the headset to the ear bag inside the helmet and fix the speaker on the ear bag;

The Velcro for the microphone is placed under the left ear pocket of the helmet and the microphone is secured.

Make sure that the microphone is close to the mouth.

For the best effect, please keep the microphone 1-2 cm from the user’s mouth when using the microphone

3. Connect the speaker microphone cable plug to the headset, and the installation is complete.

Additional information

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm
Support intercom


External Testing Certification


Model Name


Applicable Helmet Type

Half Helmet, Open face, Full Face, Universal

Special Function

Voice Control, Universal Pairing Function, waterproof, Noise Reduction

Connection Mode

bluetooth, bluetooth

Maximum Number of Speakers

2, 2

Maximum Intercom Distance

500-1000m, 1000m



Item Type

Helmet Headset, Helmet Headset

Power Supply Mode:

Built-in Battery

Applicable Helmet Type 1

Half Helmet

Applicable Helmet Type 2

Open face

Applicable Helmet Type 3

Full Face

Applicable Helmet Type 4



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